Facebook App Development

Facebook as we all are aware is the most widely used social networking app used worldwide. Since so many users are a regular members of this platform hence it is the smartest idea to promote your business through social media marketing on facebook. Developing a facebook app for your business will let you monitor your business growth and track visitors from various geographical backgrounds and different interests.

The Zegateam facebook app developers are a huge asset to the company as many companies today are looking to make a make a presence on facebook. If we know the skill it’s going to be hugely beneficial for your business.

What we actually help you with–

  1. Conducting polls, contests and developing survey apps
  2. Developing gaming apps
  3. Developing and designing e-commerce platforms
  4. Events app
  5. Help you with facebook page design and development
  6. Promotion campaign and much more!

Look into our internal process

  1. Project estimate
  2. Assessment of user needs
  3. Requirements engineering
  4. Bug Fixing
  5. Prototyping
  6. Mobile marketing

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